Various natures of Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Chemicals especially in the aspect of Warehousing are in principle very difficult to understand due to its complications in hazard classification, associated risks and exposure concerns, regulation enforcements of relevant competent authorities, safety and security requirements and compliance, needs of highly skillful labor, staff and human resources, warehouse management system (WMS) operations and emergency response preparedness. The capability to in-source these warehousing activities could be burdensome as well as time and cost consuming consequently leading to logistics inefficiency.

HazChem Logistics Management Co., Ltd. as the leading DG Logistics Integrator offers a breakthrough solution of these complexities by establishing and operating a number of dedicated DG warehouses which is in compliance with both international and local regulations, committed to safety and security excellence, operated by well-trained and experienced staff, set up with state-of-the-art WMS technology, covered with risk management programs and all types of insurances and capable to provide any other value added services.

Some of our key strengths are highlighted below:-

  • International Standard DG Warehouses
  • Strategic Location in Ticon Logistics Park (Bangna KM. 39)
  • Licensed Warehouses by Department of Industrial Works and Defence Industry Department
  • Storage in Several Compartments installed with Racking Storage System
  • Air-Conditioned Storage Compartment Available
  • Management System in place for DG Classification
  • Safety and Security Infrastructure and System in place
  • State-of-the-Art WMS interfaced with ERP
  • Operated by Well-trained and Experienced Staff
  • Commitment to High Quality, Safety and Security Excellence
  • Internal EHSS Specialist for Site Safety and Security
  • General Zones and Free Zones Available

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Airfreight Service


ISO Tank Container Service


Training and Consulting Service


DG Warehouse Service


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