HazChem TransManagement Co., Ltd. – The Quality and Safety Focused Transporter The compliance of transport regulations of Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Substances is at increasingly high importance during recent years. The qualified and certified drivers as well as the high quality and standard of the transport and distribution trucks are the key elements of business success for transport and distribution of Dangerous Goods.

In order to improve the higher level of transport and distribution quality and safety standards, HazChem TransManagement Co., Ltd. has been established as in-house transport and distribution arm of HazChem Logistics Management Co., Ltd. to operate a dedicated fleet of closed box trucks (4/6/10 wheelers and trailer).

Followings are the key highlights for DG Transport and Distribution Services:-

  • Dedicated Fleet of Closed Box Trucks
  • Compliance with Department of Land Tran
  • Emergency Response Equipment, Team and Procedure in place
  • Storage in Several Compartments installed with Racking Storage System
  • DG Placard / DG Booklet on Trucks
  • Insurance Coverage for Inland Transit Insurance
  • Cargo and 3rd Party Liability Insurance

Sophisticated Transport Management System (TMS)

Integrated with the WMS, the sophisticated Transport Management System (TMS) has been implemented to include the fol lowing operational and advanced features as to enhance the transport and distribution efficiency:-

  • Integrated Truck Queue Management with WMS
  • Dashboard Management for Truck Planning and Loading
  • Qualified Driver and Truck Control and Task Assignment
  • Barcode and Truck ID with Handheld and Tablet System
  • Truck Load Utilization, Route Planning and Optimization
  • e-Proof of Delivery (POD) for On-site Delivery
  • Interface Modules with any ERP systems
  • Customizable Reports and KPIs

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