Hazchem Logistics Management

EHS Policy & Responsible Care®


Corporate EHSS Policy
(Environmental Health, Safety and Security)

HazChem Logistics Management Co., Ltd., the leading Dangerous Goods Logistics Integrator, shall strive to protect the employees, customers, suppliers, public and all stakeholders as well as environment by eliminating all kinds of risks and any identified hazards which may result in a ccidents, fires, losses, injuries and damages to people, properties, facilities and society.

The management and staff at all levels are highly committed towards the safety and securi ty excellence through regular implementation, monitoring and r eview as well as continuous improvement of environmental health, safety and security performances.

Such continuous implementation and improvement programs are dedicated to follow ings:-

  • Strong commitment to Responsible Care® guiding principles and codes of management practices as well as the management of environmental, health, safety and security shall be the primary working ways of both management and staff.
  • Integration of all safety practices towards the achievement of Zero- accident and Zero-injury at all times.
  • Implementation of Behavior Based Safety programs for staff and subcontractors
  • Regular training and enhancement of knowledge and expertise of company’s human resources and personnel.
  • Contribution in improving Safety and Security System which include facilities, machines and equipment as well as the continual development of sophisticated IT infrastructure in order to enhance better level of achievement of safety and security performance.
  • Compliance of both local and international regulations as well as standards of practices.
  • Engagement of the company in providing the logistics services as the socially responsible entity prioritizing on the safety and security, health and environment performances and issues as the highest concerns. The contribution in sharing of knowledge and practices to private, public and academic sectors through regular participation of social activities shall be the on-going and endless programs in order to enhance the awareness of the logistics and chemical industries as a whole.

Responsible Care® - Doing the RIGHT thing

Responsible Care® is the corporate philosophy of “Doing the right thing” in which the management and staff are highly committed to its guiding principles and codes of management practices. The representatives of the company are continuously engaged to pursue and play active role in the activities of Responsible Care Management Committee of Thailand (RCMCT) under the Chemical Industry Club (CIC), the Federation of Thai Industries (FTI). Such continuous contributions are aimed at not only to develop the ongoing activities of Responsible Care® in Thailand but also to insist on company’s endless commitment and relentless dedication to enhance the knowledge, standards and practices of chemical industry as a whole.