Hazchem Logistics Management



Quality Policy

“HazChem Logistics Management Co., Ltd., the management team, managers, staff and employees are highly committed in being the logistics integrator that provides the Best Quality of Logistics Services, relentlessly dedicates to the Safety Excellence and strengthens In-house Knowledge in order to create highest customer’s satisfaction in order to become the intimate and preferred Logistics Integrator of Trust, Honesty and Responsibility in customer’s heart.

Quality Policy Slogan under ISO 9001:2015

“Committed to highest quality services Dedicated for safety excellence Strengthens in-house knowledge To become intimate and preferred logistics integrator”

Environmental, Health Safety and Security Policy (EHSS Policy)

HazChem Logistics Management Co., Ltd., the leading Dangerous Goods Logistics Integrator, shall strive to protect the employees, customers, suppliers, public and all stakeholders as well as environment by eliminating all kinds of risks and any identified hazards which may result in accidents, fires, losses, injuries and damages to people, properties, facilities and society.

The management and staff at all levels are highly committed towards the safety and security excellence through regular implementation, monitoring and review as well as continuous improvement of environmental, health, safety and security performances.

Such continuous implementation and improvement programs are dedicated to followings:-

  • Strong commitment to Responsible Care® guiding principles and codes of management practices as well as the management of environmental, health, safety and security shall be the primary working ways of both management and staff.
  • Integration of all safety practices towards the achievement of Zero-accident and Zero-injury at all times.
  • Implementation of Behavior Based Safety programs for staff and subcontractors
  • Regular training and enhancement of knowledge and expertise of company’s human resources and personnel.
  • Contribution in improving Safety and Security System which include facilities, machines and equipment as well as the continual development of sophisticated IT infrastructure in order to enhance better level of achievement of safety and security performance.
  • Compliance of both local and international regulations as well as standards of practices.
  • Engagement of the company in providing the logistics services as the socially responsible entity prioritizing on the safety and security, health and environment performances and issues as the highest concerns. The contribution in sharing of knowledge and practices to private, public and academic sectors through regular participation of social activities shall be the on-going and endless programs in order to enhance the awareness of the logistics and chemical industries as a whole.

Drug-free and Alcohol-free Workplace Policy

HazChem Logistics Management Co., Ltd. values good quality of life and health and recognizes the need of own employees including all contractors and subcontractors for a safe and healthy work environment. Therefore all employees including contractors and subcontractors abusing drugs and alcohol are less productive, adversely affect health and considerably lead to the unacceptable safety risks that undermine the company’s ability to operate safely, effectively and efficiently. The drug-free and alcohol-free workplace policy is consistent with the company’s desire to promote a safe and accident-free workplace as follows:-

1. All employees including the contractors and subcontractors and vendors must strictly comply with the Narcotics Control Act B.E. 2519 and must not use any illegal or unlawfully obtained drugs, or controlled substances; “designer” or synthetic drugs; “over the counter” or prescribed medications not being used for purposes or in the manner intended; mood or mind-altering substances; and alcoholic or intoxicating beverages.

2. It is strictly prohibited for all employees including contractors and subcontractors to use, possess, sell, manufacture, and distribute alcohol and illegal/controlled substances and/or drugs and narcotics on company’s premises and/or during working hours.

3. All employees including contractors and subcontractors are strictly not allowed to smoke during working hours or while performing duties or while driving or in/near the transport and distribution trucks or inside the company’s premises and warehouses or at customer’s sites and premises except smoking in dedicated and provided zone only.

4. The company reserves the right to conduct drug/controlled substance/alcohol testing of employees including contractors and subcontractors at any time and without pre-notification. If the conduct, actions or behavior of company’s employees including the contractors and subcontractors’ reasonably leads to suspicion of using or under influence of drugs or alcohol on company’s premises or while performing duties while away from company’s premises and/or during working hours.

5. All employees including contractors and subcontractors who fail to comply with this policy or violate this policy either intentionally or unintentionally or avoid the testing and verification process will be penalized at the maximum extreme as determined by the company. In addition, the company will not be responsible for any incurred expenses and shall fully claim all costs concerning consequential losses and expenses from employees, contractors and subcontractors as a result of violation of this policy which jeopardizing the company’s reputation and operations.

Human Right Policy

HazChem Logistics Management Co., Ltd. and its affiliated companies, pay respect in honor of work to all associates and we will ensure that all associates have the right in personal safety and the right of having human right working environment, safe, clean, hygienic workplace and free of any types of infringement or prosecution.

Freedom of association

means that the associates have the right to associate, communicate and set the organization that is relevant to work and in compliance with rules and regulations, policies and processes of the company.

Free of forced labor

means that no forced labor or convict labor is allowed. Physical punishment, threat by violence or any other means of physical, sexual, mental or verbal infringements is not allowed as discipline measures or codes of conduct.

Free of child labor

means that no employment of person of less than 18 years old for whatsoever purposes either permanently or part timely including the employment with or without compensation is allowed.

Human right workplace environment

means that the environment or workplace that is safe, hygienic and clean, and has sufficient light, clean water, sufficient restroom, fire exit and necessary personal protective equipment in case of fire, first aid kits and participation of emergency plan for both in case of fire and medical accidents.

Complaints and appeals process

means that the associates have the right to appeal any complaint that he or she wants to communicate to the directors anonymously. Such person can write or type the details of complaints or appeals into a piece of paper and put into the comment box in a designated area. The person who is authorized to open the box will only be the directors and human resource manager in order read such complaints or appeals and take appropriate actions according to the human right policy.